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After you get all your required signatures…back to the immigration office and turn in your form.You will need to also hand over your Passport with your application.I am not going to delve into the process of what it takes obtain a work permit since many other expat blogs have already expounded on this issue.Work permits are only valid for 12 months…so you will have to go through the entire process yearly.The only problem is that the certificate states that you can only stay 90 days continuously in the country….which means that you must leave the country at least 4 times each year…so I thought.

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If you meet the criteria, the cost to obtain a 5 Year Visa Exemption is only for the first certificate and only to renew it thereafter.

According to a couple of readers the fee is now …but I would call and make sure before mailing in your application. Make sure that you send your package via Express Mail to guarantee the quickest service.

If you are a foreigner married to a current or former Vietnamese citizen or the child of one, you also need to include some sort of proof of relation to your Vietnamese spouse/immediate relative. It only took about a week after the Vietnamese Embassy in the U. The 5 Year Visa Exemption is great if you regularly travel to Vietnam to vacation or visit relatives and you don’t want to apply for Visas each time.

This is a major issue for retired expats that have chosen to settle in Vietnam and for foreign English teachers without a work permit.

I have heard that it may be possible to get a new tourist Visa once you are out of the country…it is a risky proposition since there is no guarantee that once you leave…you will be able to get back in.

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