American dating catastrophes

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My starting point is the postulate that myths throughout the world should be taken at face value.For the recurring worldwide mythology this is almost completely obvious. An attempt to apply local culture and limitations to mythology almost always meets with failure because of a lack of appreciation of the constant refrain of identical themes by peoples who have remained completely foreign to each other -- who have never had cultural contact.As others have also done, I will suggest that this planet was Saturn.

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This is not my story, but the efforts of a great many people, and based on evidence in plain view.In the realm of orthodox cosmology, since 2007 we are seeing astrophysicists, atomic physicists, and archaeologists doing exactly that -- that is, suggesting improbable exploding bolides in attempts to explain an event in 10,900 BC which caused the complete destruction of all the megafauna of the North American continent, plus an absolutely stupendous conflagration which vaporized everything organic and melted rocks.To explain these data, published papers have alternately posited an influx of meteors, aerially exploding iceballs from space, the propagation of flaming shockwaves from kinetic energy conversion in the air (even though there is no such thing), and the influx of atomic particles from a supernova.On the other hand, the accepted mainstream history is a 2000-year record of rewriting and softening of facts, created for the sake of sanity and the comfort of your soul.It is a history of the survivors, written to cover their suspicions and allay any fears.

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