Auction dating love bug

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Related: The 15 most expensive cars ever sold at auction All six cars will be auctioned off at no reserve at Mecum’s Indianapolis auction May 17 thru 21.The sale is also highlighted by several authentic ’70s-vintage Pro Stock muscle cars; two authentic Shelby Cobras; and a handful of obscure pre-war marques.There’s an inoperable “junkyard” Herbie prop car; a “demolition derby” Herbie driven by Lohan; and a race-tuned NASCAR-style Herbie, all from the 2005 film.Also featured are a stock Herbie and a blacked-out “Horace the Hate Bug” from the 1997 movie; and “Giselle,” a 1976 Lancia Scorpion from the ’77 flick.

It is, in fact, the car used in the Disney films from the seventies.

This version incorporates recent bug fixes and those larger changes.

JBidwatcher 2.99 for Mac and Windows embeds its own Java runtime, so you don't need it installed.

This fixes several critical and less-critical bugs that arose with the 2.99pre4 release.

I’ve been working on a significant revision to JBidwatcher for some time, including the addition of scripting capabilities.

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