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And too many mistakenly expect debt consolidation to be a panacea for all their ills – when it’s more like putting a plaster on a serious wound. While that is true, it’s also true that there are savvy ways to deal with debt.“It’s a short-term fix, not a remedy for the underlying problem,” says Paul Slot, the president of the Debt Counsellors’ Association of South Africa. For example, your home loan is usually your cheapest form of credit.We also highlight your rights as a borrower, explain your bankruptcy options, as well as give you an honest assessment of payday loans.Obtain an Unsecured Personal Loan Obtain a Secured Loan by Offering Property as Collateral Obtain a New Credit Card Work through Consumer Credit Counseling Services Community Q&A Debt consolidation is the process of using a single large loan to pay off multiple smaller debts.But it would be true for many people in debt, and the remedy for them is behaviour change – such as learning to live on less – not more debt.People who apply for a debt consolidation loan are either already financially stressed or in danger of going that way.Critics of debt consolidation say it’s a “con” because it dupes you into thinking you’ve done something about your debt.

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This loan type will suit those who have substantial business use and plan on claiming a predominant portion of the car usage for tax purposes.Using the fields below, you can work out what your weekly, fortnightly or monthly loan repayments will be.You can enter different loan amounts and loan terms to get a better picture of what your repayments might look like.This allows the debtor to make a single regular payment, rather than several smaller ones.If the interest rate on the new loan is lower than that on the previous ones, this can save the debtor money on his or her monthly payments.

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