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The feeling of literally being trapped in Wakehurst for an entire Weekend. "So how many pages of the yearbook do you have left? " The day Eileen initiated Jill Fabian as her yearbook slave Jill: "Eileen I really think I'm going to have to kill you" Jill, Eileen, Eileen and Jill, Jill and Eileen 777 1993 was a great year for the Student Life Senate. No diploma nor job will make us leave Because all we would do is sob and grieve. Yours sincerely, Lucille Mc Killop, RSM President (Upper Left) Sr. Jill and her extremely complex love life Jill, "I have one question " The day Jill and Eileen decided to crop their heads and photocopy their hands. Library trips were made once a year And the computer lab made us chringe in fear. But we will not leave for O'Brien's is our place Monday through Sunday you will see our face. May God bless you always as you continue your endeavors to become your own best self and to help others to become the best they can be also. Congratulations- Nicolette, Christine, Ann and Miguel- Jack & Phyllis Brothers. Some other fun changes included a strange looking set of sculptures that now inhabit the front lawn of the Mc Killop Library. We are a growing community and to see such positive changes is sign of good things to come. There will be a new computer lab installed in room 106 as of next fall. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. All Our Love, MOM DAD CONGRATULATIONS TO BARB You have given us much to be proud of. We also lost the dynamic Sister Sheila Megley who served Salve as its Provost. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Mc Manus Lia: As All Your School Days Have Passed And Your Goals Have Been Met, You've Made Us Proud Of You, Once Again. As proud parents we celebrate this special day with you with love, happiness and joy. A strong supporter of community and school involvement, Sigma gave support to such events as Feed a Friend, the annual Alumni TPhonathons, the Governor's Ball, the New Year's Eve Ball, Family Weekend, and Graduation. An AIDS seminar is scheduled for sometime first semester. Our best wishes for your continued health, happiness and sucess, Attorney and Mrs. Love you, Mom, Dad, Judy, Donna and Frank 163 Telephone 847-4281 HONORE M.

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Morrissey Administration Of Justice Russell Mott Information Systems Science 08 Melissa Moulton Management Michele Napoletano English Stacey Nastus Administration Of Justice Ann-Marie Neary Administration Of Justice Carrie Olsen Nursing Pauline Ouellette Psychology Nicole Ousler Administration Of Justice Ann Palacio Politics Doukas Pasyanos Jr. The ball has always been a big event for Life Senate and as expected everything from the food to the music gave Salve a night to remember. These events invited the underprivileged children of Newport to enjoy the generosity of the Salve Regina University Communi- ty as Salve students learned the value of service to others. The athletic offices will also be moving to Ruggles Avenue. Cordially, THE ALUMNI AFFAIRS STAFF (401) 847-6650, Ext. 02871 Area Code 401 846-5300 Best Wishes in the 90 's one pelham east 847-9460 USX/ITv 164 Notes From Folks Love and pride to our daughter Andrea Jack; and to Katie, Jen, Michelle, Annie, Erin, et al. Sigma was also very in- volved with the Martin Luther King Center in Newport pro- moting on-Campus events such as the Easter Egg Hunt, Thanksgiving Dinner and the Christmas Tree Lighting. This workshop will allow students to voice there opinion on the subject as well as ask any questions they might have. SULLIVAN Specialty Shop Casino Block - Be^evue Avenue Newport, Rhode Island 02840 Congratulations Stephen Michael Kelleher And The Class Of 1993 Love, MOM, DAD & JIM Congratulations To Deirde Cotter We're Very Proud Of You Love, MOM, DAD, & BOBBY Congratulations To The Class Of 1993 Wishing You Many More Years Of Success Keep In Touch! During the 1992-93 season, The Shadow Box by Michael Cristofer, produced in the fall, was a drama in two acts about life and death. Raymond Picozzi, stated about the play, "The people you are about to meet in The Shadow Box will at first seem to be burdened with overwhelming anxiety about the worries and troubles of sickness and death but as you journey with them that beautiful, subtle all powerful spirit of human determina- tion enters in and penetrates all with the wondrous eternal joy of love and hope." Once Upon A Mattress, a musical comedy also touched the audience through the power of laughter as melodious voices transported the audience back into the 15th century. It's up to you guys to steer it in the right direction and keep it running." Other contributors, and sometimes life savers, were Sopho- mores Sarah Burkwitt, Underclassmen Editor, and Terry Car- vealle, Business Editor. From package store to package store we would roam And O'Brien's is what we called home. This is how we made it and now it is time to go Looking for a job is surely going to blow. MVP went to Heath Bur- rell, who scored a total of 42 points, MVOP (Most valuable offensive player) went to Justin Hackley and Matt Del Giorno, and MVDP (Most valuable defense player) went to Tim Sherman and Jamie Naszimento. John Fisher College L 7 - 35 10/17H CURRY COLLEGE W 27 - 13 10/25 A Bentley College JV W 21 - 6 10/31 A Dean Junior College W 28 - 20 (Bottom Right) Quarterback Matt Del Giorno #9 earns a handshake on a job well done. at Stonehill April Sat 3 Southern Series 1 at Yale Sat 10 Laser Invitational at Coast Guard Sun 18 Southern Series II Invitational at Salve Sat 24 Southern series III At Mass Maritime May Sat 1 Southern Series IV At URI Sat 8 Southern Series V at Coast Guard September Sat 19 Southern Series I at Salve Regina Sat 26 Southern Series at Yale October Sat 3 Sun 4 Sat 10 Sat 17 Sat 24 Sun 25 Sat 31 •-•• - ££&V;; Southern Series III at Brown Invitational at Salve Regina Smith Trophy MIT open Women's Invitational at Boston University Southern Series IV at Conn College Southern Series V at URI Woemn's Invitational at UNH Invitational at Mitchell m is&» In Alphabetical Order) Sarah Burkwitt, Jeff Egger, Tish Flynn, Lawrence Gebauer, Kelly Haberek, Kathy Lombard, Michaela Marcotte, Bill Myers, and Karen Oen. Lucille with a gift from the University at the Mass in dedication 1993. In future years, as you turn these pages in fond recollection, 1 know that you will ever more vividly appreciate the lasting worth of this wonderful chapter in your life story. Morais, Jr Eileen Neary Kerry O'Connor Janet Orlando Aimee Palinkas Marie Pinette Alison Reno Maureen Ryan Jennifer Seaman Nancy Shiel Lisa Shinners Holly Simpson Andrea Sinopoli Christopher Smith Sara Sotgiu Elizabeth Staff Elise Stockwell Kelly Thomson Renee Valente Jacqueline Vrancken 7/i The Salve Regina University Theatre Department has just competed its 12th year. As Gerry once said, "I'm just here to make sure the boat stays afloat. Rich Cooper won the pie eating contest with Gerry Willis; a close second. Another added feature was the debut of Salve's first pep band. - advice to the beginner velcro jumper- Mike Grilo and Sarah Burkwitt. Rich Cooper and Gerry Willis, (center right) Five Gone Mad jams on the boathouse lawn. (bottom left) Gerry Willis gets a 10.0 from the judges for originality, (top right) Want to go to the winter semi-formal with me? We smoke a lot of cigs and drank a lot of beer And that is how we made it form first to senior year. Salve was undefended at home and plans on an even better season next year. 9/20 H MAINE CENTRAL INSTJTUTE W 14 - 6 1 9/28 A Brown University JV L 20-23 10/03A St. W/ U Mass- Dartmouth Sun 18 New England Championships Tue 20 at New Seabury CC — €l nrf March Sat 27 Invit. (Upper Right) Kath Lombard and Michaela Marcotte present Sr. Lucille and Therese Antone I980's (Lower Right) Sr. This yearbook will evoke all the wonderful associations, friendships and shared experiences during your Salve years. Mom & Dad Congratulations to Georgina Mallica and the class of 1993 Love Mom & Dad & Poco Best of Luck.

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