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Supposedly for use around bases, defense plants, etc.

The rifle could have been issued with that ammo for use in such a facility.

Michael The vast majority of low number 1903's served with no problem, the receivers holding up just fine. But once I got a high number rifle, I retired the low number.

I still own a low number rifle, which is one of my favorites.

(A 1906 receiver with a 1915 barrel, in a one bolt stock, which looks like it came right out of the trenches.) I've never fired it, and never will. So, while yours may well be safe enough, it could be said might be that it simply hasn't failed yet.

Why chance being the one on the trigger when the law of averages comes up with your serial number?

You can not tell by physical examination alone that a particular receiver is questionable.

There is no way to determine this by non destructive inspection methods.

Id say sell or part it out, or trade, hunt for a new one, a good high number rebuild can be found for 500-700, more or less.

I heeded the wise advice of the board members here, and these guys are giving you VERY sound advice, listen up.

Just remember that when you are shooting the rifle it's not just your ass you have to worry about, as at the range the people on either side of you are also at risk, or anybody else you let shoot the rifle.

DHT and Nickel steel receivers have failed also, but those receivers fail in a different fashion. I understand it is in the low range of serial numbers.

I do not plan on feeding it any max pressure cartridges. Muscle, You sound just like me years ago when I had a very nice low number 03, and used to shoot it all the time, with milsurp ammo only. However, better judgment prevailed, and I no longer have that rifle.

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