Whos dating lil mama

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That is when the rumors needed an affirmation or falsification. I kept telling myself I was okay, but in reality, I needed time.

Lil Mama also apparently tried to involve another star in this: Beyoncé. They would have been like, [Beyoncé’s] jealous, she can’t stand to see [Jay Z] with another woman.The limelight that surrounds a public figure is dazzling in many ways, but what about the unnecessary linkups one has to be a part of which does not have a proper base?Well, then you realize the lights aren't that welcomingly flickery!Caption: Lil Mama and Mack Wild were rumored to be dating one another. The rumors were spreading like wildfire, as Lil Mama then shared a post on her Instagram account ( a post which is now deleted) with Mack Wilds in it on January 2, 2017.

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