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I tried using Word-2003 to accomplish this formatting, save as RTF, and open with Word Pad, but the resulting file is quite large and I'm confused trying to figure out what it is doing.

Using the rtf codes below, I want Line 6 to have a border, and Line 7 to be shaded.

I want to keep a running total of how many units (budget, standard or deluxe)have been ordered. if A1="Deluxe" then increment A2 by 1 or if A1="Budget" then increment B2 by 1. I know Class Wizard is History (why, I'll never understand) but I thought all the functionality was put elsewhere. Does anyone know a 'transitioning to VC7.0 or 7.1 from 6.0' type of article or faq? When I open the unread mail folder, it's empty!! -- Robert Sparnaaij [MVP-Outlook] of the month: -Backup and Restore -Create an Office XP CD slipstreamed with Service Pack 3 ----- "PAul Maskens" wrote in message news: OLb8dfab [email protected] NDR #5.1.1When I try sending an email or using the Out of office assistant, within our Exchange organization, to forward my emails to a specific and perfectly valid third party email address an error message is being generated: " Your message did not reach some or all of the intended recipients. Sent: 10/28/2003 PM The following recipient(s) could not be reached: [email protected] 10/28/2003 PM The e-mail account does not exist at the organization this message was sent to.

There really should be a list of "If for years you did this in 6.0, in 7.1 we decided to change it to..." type of list. Athentification fails with error 400.1 when accessing Hi When i want to access the crm server with or the login form pops up but when i press OK nothing happens, when I do this a few times an authentification error apperas but when on the same machine i try to login the login screen appears and i have to give the login creditials even if i'm logged on to the machine with the same account, so i enter mydomain\myname password and it works! Check the e-mail, or contact the recipient directly to find out the correct address. CRM 1.2 installation help needed Does anyone know where on the Internet (or a book) that will show me the installation of CRM 1.2 on Windows 2003?

Our xml sample ' Instancedoc.xml' uses ' Derived Document.xsd' as its schema. Resetting MS CRM Sales for Outlook 1.2 Contacts synchronization Hi, We have a few clients that have either deleted the synchronized contacts in the local contact folder or aren't getting the ones they are supposed to since the 1.2 update. Thanks, Gary Dear Gary, I found your query in search for a similar problem. I have just added a second member server to the domain.

A piece of c# code, which utilises an Xml Validing Reader succeeds to validate the xml when NO attributes are used from ' Document.xsd', but fails when these attributes are included. if it helps FW-1 is running Free BSD with Sendmail 8.*..... "[email protected]" wrote: another Publisher publication? Two questions on this: Where is the information on contacts that are deleted locally kept to prevent the re-sync, specifically ? We have tried reinstalling per the KB without success. The member server has Windows 2003 SP1 and SQL 2000 SP4 installed. To give a brief explanation of what I'm trying to do, the schema 1 is a schema that is coming from a third party. The problem comes into light when a document based upon schema 1 has an element outside of any namespace.

So, this must lead to a validation error but it does not! Here´s my schema: Xml Validating Reader too sensitive? I have the following schemas (simplified) and xml file which validate fine in xmlspy, but blow up in xmlvalidatingreader with: ' The ' Hierarchy' element is not declared. Even though I qualify the tag, as in Xml Validating Reader and Xml Resolver problems Hi, I need some help...

A duplicate key is handled correctly while a missing keyref is not. Im trying to use Xml Validating Parser with a custom Xml Resolver.

In version 3.0, I believe the IG is on the Server CD (disc 1).Tech Knowledge Steps to turn off the e-mail GUID after upgrading to Microsoft CRM ..to compare 2 worksheets in 1 workbook I'm trying to figure out how to find any difference in 2 (or more) worksheets in one workbook (file). If you can ensure that both worksheets are in the same sequence by sorting them using the same column(s), then in a third worksheet you can enter into A1 a formula like: =IF(Sheet1! A1,"","different") This formula can be copied across for as many columns as you have, and can be copied down for as many rows as you have. How do I increment a cell by 1 using a form button? How do I override a message map or virtual function in VC 7.1?Any differences between the two sheets will be pointed out to you in the appropriate cell. Hi, I wish to use a form button to run a macro that will increment one of three cells by one. I think that this will work ok: Option Explicit Sub testme01() Dim my Cell To Inspect As Range Dim my Cellto Adjust As Range With Active Sheet Set my Cell To Inspect = . In VC6.0 I would use Class Wizard and most of the possible overrides were there for me. If so; have your administrator run "isinteg" against the database to check it's integrity.However, we can succesfully import complex Types from ' Document.xsd&... Check your firewall Insert Publisher page from 1 document into another Publisher doc? I am attempting to install CRM server but cannot access the \localhost web site after the install. I have the following schemas (simplified) and xml file which validate fine in xmlspy, but blow up in xmlvalidatingreader with: ' The ' Hierarchy' element is not declared. Even though I qualify the tag, as in Is there an Excel template for a 1-day Tennis American Tournamentam trying to set up 1-day American Tournament at Tennis club. seven groups of four classes 0- seven courts - is there a template in either Excel or Access for the scheduling of fixtures? Install CRM 1.2I am carrying out a training course in a data-processing service company.Exchange 5.5 and FW-1FW-1 using Sendmail can't forward alert messages thru exchange, gives error "can't communicate with Port 25". How does one import,copy or insert a page from one Publisher publication to another Publisher publication? I do get the Crystal services errors during the install but this is fixed by adjusting the DEP settings. In this company, I carry out the establishment and the use of program CRM 1.2.

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